Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of November 7, 2011

I’ve been a cooking fool this weekend and it’s been just joyful. I’ve made 200 or so cookies for a party I’m having in a few weeks, two pots of chili to supplement my freezer stash for the holidays, a dozen muffins also for said freezer stash, and even a few brown sugar bacon biscuits for a fun fall morning breakfast. Given that I’m about to start the wild and crazy sprint through the holidays, it’s been comforting and rewarding to cook up a storm this weekend.

This Week’s Plan

This week I’ll be taking a bit of a tour of my part of Texas. I have to drive to Dallas and back for work and then I’ll be on my way to San Antonio for the weekend to run a half marathon. I’ve been training for this race since July 4 and I’m feeling great. My dad (the former track and cross country coach) is flying in to town to make the trip with me which makes the race extra special. Between these two trips my opportunities to cook will be few and far between so I’m just accepting that we’ll rely on a few more outside sources for dinner than we might otherwise. Here’s how I think it’s all going to shake out:

  • Monday: At the football game
    The last game of the middle school football season is this week and on a Monday instead of the regular Tuesday. I’ll eat my last Chick-fil-a sandwich for a while. At least until basketball season starts.
  • Tuesday: Everyone on their own
    I’ll be in Dallas so the kiddo and her dad are on their own. I expect they’ll be having leftover chili but it wouldn’t surprise me if they order a pizza.
  • Wednesday: Sushi at our local sushi spot
    I’m driving back from Dallas on Wednesday and have to play mom’s taxi service for the kiddo to get to an appointment. I’d be kidding myself if I expect to cook that night. We’ll stop for sushi at our neighborhood restaurant and take advantage of their awesome happy hour specials on rolls and appetizers.
  • Thursday: Ravioli with marinara, brussels sprouts
    This is our only “regular” night this week and so I’m determined to cook even though I know I’ll still be a bit tired from travel and a bit distracted by my upcoming race. Pre-made ravioli from the store below my office along with high-quality jarred sauce and some fresh Parmesan will make a lovely fall dinner.
  • Friday: Fajitas, fixin’s
    Friday night will be all about preparations for our trip to San Antonio. I’ll buy pre-seasoned fajitas and pre-prepped toppings, salsa, and guacamole so all I have to do is grill the meat and warm the tortillas. It will be nice to have a family dinner before we head to San Antonio.
  • Saturday: Pre-race carb loading at Tre Trattoria
    Yep, I carb load and it’s always fun. I’m a big fan of this restaurant’s chef so I’m really looking forward to this pre-race dinner.
  • Sunday: Frito pie, salad
    After a half marathon and a drive back to Austin I’ll want dinner to be as easy as possible. This weekend’s chili will become Sunday’s fun Frito pie dinner and will come together in a snap.

How do you handle menu planning when your entire schedule is off? Share your tips in the comments – I think we’ll all be needing them before the holiday is over.

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