Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of October 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Fall LogoWhew – what a weekend it’s been. I dropped baked goods at the very successful Austin Bakes for Bastrop bake sale and then volunteered at the Marathon Kids kick off event. Today I ran the best race I’ve ever run and rewarded myself with a nice long nap. I’ll call the weekend a success and I’m looking forward to a regular if not normal week.¬†With the weather cooling down (sort of) here in Texas I’m looking forward making more fall foods like the grilled cheese and soup that find their way onto this week’s menu.

This Week’s Plan

I’ll continue using my “easy peasy” weeknight meal approach this week because it seems to be working well. I am looking forward to a long weekend of adults-only time, it’s been too long.

  • Monday: Breaded chicken breasts, linguine with two cheese sauce, steamed broccoli
    As is becoming habit on Mondays I’ll go down to the meat market and see what pre-prepped goodies there are to make my evening easier. They’ve had a collection of breaded chicken breasts recently so I’m hoping to try one of them this coming week.
  • Tuesday: At the kidlet’s game
    To keep my Tuesdays varied I think I’ll pick up sushi take out on my way to the game. I wonder how odd I’ll look sitting in the stands with my raw fish and chopsticks.
  • Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas with Tex-Mex crock pot chicken, guacamole, Spanish rice
    I need to add some shredded chicken to my freezer stash so I thought I’d try this Tex-Mex style recipe from Good Life Eats. I’ll turn part of the batch into quesadillas and freeze the rest.
  • Thursday: Spaghetti with marinara sauce and sausage, salad, garlic bread
    As the week draws to a close I’ll be tired so I’ll rely on quality jarred sauce and Italian sausage from the meat market to make this dinner come together quickly.
  • Friday: Grilled cheese, soup
    Given how hectic our weeks are I try to make Friday nights as relaxing as possible. A comforting fall dinner of grilled cheese and soup should hit the spot and is so easy to prepare.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Date weekend!
    The kiddo is going to visit her grandparents for the long Columbus Day weekend so Mom and Dad are having some much needed couple’s time. No specific plans ¬†– we’ll e spontaneous!

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