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About Natanya

When she’s not eating, drinking, or blogging my her through Austin, Natanya Anderson is the Director of Social Media at Whole Foods Market as well as the Immediate Past President of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, a non-profit organization established to promote blogger philanthropy and education. In almost every aspect of her life Natanya blends her passion for food and entertaining with her intense interest in social media so she gets to play with her food and make it a career – a true dream come true. As a founding member of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, she is helping shape the future of blogging, social content creation, and brand/blogger relations. And lest you think Natanya is only about food and drink, she’s also a mom to an active teenager and an avid (albeit slow) runner with a marathon and several half marathons under her belt. She loves to throw parties and finds very little more satisfying than seeing family and friends gathered around a table enjoying the connections that can only come through food.


2013 AFBA Member Badge