Podcast: Why I Love GroceryIQ

After two months of rigorous testing, I have found that the $.99 GroceryIQ iPhone application is my new best friend when it comes to managing my grocery list before I shop and while I’m at the store. In this podcast I discuss why GroceryIQ is so helpful for me, including how it’s saving me about an hour of time each week.


  1. Hey Natanya. I love that you are doing these podcasts. What do you think about posting the text as well? I’m more of a visual learner but I think even aural learners might enjoy having the text in front of them so that they are learning both ways.

    • Jodi I completely agree. I’m at work and reading text looks much better than listening to a podcast ;P

    • Natanya /

      My goal is to have the content in both formats. The iPadio software that I use has a transcript feature but it’s only about 75% correct, so I’ll have to make a pass through it to clean it up. Maybe I can find an intern to help me 🙂

  2. Another similar app to check is from ZipList. It’s a new online shopping list service, and their app came out last week. It’s at http://www.ziplist.com/iphone.

    The free app categorizes, sorts by store, scans barcodes. You can also search for recipes from the app and add them to your grocery list. It’s nice.