Podcast: Buying Ham and Lamb – The Basics

After some inspiration from my co-worker (and social media master) Aaron Strout, I’ve decided to start a podcast series as a companion to my posts, Facebook updates, and Twitter feed. While my plan is not to duplicate content in the podcast that I’ve already written about, to keep things simple for my first episode I did focus on the subject of a post from earlier this week, buying ham and lamb.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts and, as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Please let me know how I can use the podcast medium to make the site and its content more useful to you.


  1. Cecilia /

    Congratulations on your first podcast! I think it’s a great addition to what you already do. So what are you using to do your recording?

    • Natanya /

      Thanks! I really value your opinion. I’m using a tool/site called iPadio and recording on my iPhone. I’m happy with the ease and quality thus far.

  2. Gorgeous job. So happy to hear you using iPadio. And now I know more about ham & lamb too! 😉

  3. Great job Natanya! I am loving your podcast. Your voice is great for podcasts and you give many good tips. Have you thought about doing videos?


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