Say “Cheese, Please” at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop

Antonelli's Cheese Shop Business Card

Antonelli's Cheese Shop - the New Cheesemonger in Town

I love cheese in just about every possible incarnation. What’s better than a great bite cheese paired with a lovely bite of bread or fruit, or even a nice sip of wine? In Austin we’re lucky because we have good resources for cheese in both Central Market and Whole Foods. Not only are their cheese selections extensive, but they are dedicated to matching their customers with just the right cheese. And just when I thought being a cheese lover in Austin couldn’t get any better it did.

Enter Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.

A Couple with a Passion for Cheese

Back at the end of 2009 Alanna and I visited the Pure Luck Goat Farm on a tour set up by Jodi Bart of Tasty Touring. While we were there we met John and Kendall Antonelli, a couple deep in the throes of opening their own cheese shop. When I talked to them about their approach to cheese, they talked extensively about wanting to help Americans develop a love of American-made cheeses. It’s not that they don’t respect (and sell) cheeses from Europe, but they wanted to share the best American-made cheese offerings with Austin cheese lovers. Their plan was to open a shop in a small spot in Hyde Park, near Austin favorite Captain Quackenbush’s and Asti, a personal favorite of mine.

From that initial meeting, I (and my fellow Austin food bloggers) followed the build-out of the cheese shop with great expectation. When they hired Kelley Sheehan, the same cheese expert who helped me write my post on building a cheese plate, I knew they were setting themselves up to be one to the top sources for cheese in town. John and Kendall shared their adventures with us on Twitter and Facebook, and when they opened on February 11, Alanna and I visited them at the end of the first day. We arrived just before they closed, and it was very cool to be there as they celebrated their first full day of business. They let us taste a broad selection of cheese and worked with Alanna to understand what kinds of cheeses she likes and then patiently helped her expand her cheese horizons. A woman came into the store looking for some cheese for a basket, and they worked with her to understand the recipient’s personal style so they could craft a unique gift.

Before they opened I’d e-mailed them asking for some advice on building a cheese plate for a Mardi Gras dinner party I was hosting (more on that specific plate later). Not only did they give me great advice, they special ordered a cheese from Louisiana to have when they opened so I could have it for my party two days later. It’s that personal service and true passion for supporting cheese lovers that I think will make them successful. They are also truly nice and good people – just the sort of entrepreneurs that will make our community a great place to live and eat.

Not Just Cheese

In addition to carrying a wide variety of cheeses from around the US and from Europe, they also offer olives and charcuterie selections. They will special order any cheese and go out of their way to help their customers meet any cheese need. Their extensive cheese knowledge and their commitment to personal service make them an amazing resource for Austin Food Lovers. Next time you are in the Hyde Park area, stop by, say “Hi”, and taste their wares. I’m pretty sure you won’t walk away empty-handed.

What Others Are Saying

Antonelli’s has generated some good buzz among local food lovers. Take a gander at what others have to say about them:



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