Food Trailer Friday: LuLu B’s

LuluBTrailerBack when the weather was a bit more temperate, I started a series of blog posts called “Food Trailer Friday” designed specifically to pay homage to the many wonderful and fun food trailers that have popped up all around Austin. Once the weather turned hot(ter than blue blazes), I found myself unwilling to go trailer hopping, not even in the best interests of my blog. Yeah, I know. I call myself a Native Texan. Let’s just say that in my old age I’m disinclined to acquiesce to the heat.

But, now that we’re staring cooler weather in the face (or at least we can see it as a tiny point on the horizon), it’s time to dust off the Food Trailer Friday tradition. I’m going to start back up with Lulu B’s, a Vietnamese trailer that specializes in three things: sandwiches, vermicelli bowls, and (my favorite) summer rolls. Nestled on the East side of South Lamar, just a ways south of Oltorf between an Office Depot and tire store [map], this trailer is open largely for lunch and early supper (11-4 Tuesday – Thursday and 12-6 on Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday).

Word on the Street


Lulu B’s has been in business for a little over a year, and in that time the Austin food community has largely had good things to say about them:

  • Just about every type of dish they offer has been reviewed on Dishola, including my review of their avocado summer rolls. Based on my experience these reviews are fair and on point. While I’m not a bahn mi (Vietnamese sandwich) connoisseur, ones that I know generally support the positive reviews of Lulu B’s versions.
  • The Austin Yelpers have given Lulu B’s an average of four stars, which I think is about right. As a group they report some consistency issues, as well as issues with the wait, but overall they are pretty happy with the food and service.
  • Maggie’s Austin, a much respected local food blog, also has nice things to say, as does The Hungry Engineer. For a bit of perspective, Boots in the Oven, whose taste I highly respect, weren’t as excited about this trailer as the rest of us, so I’d read their review, particularly if you are well-travelled or have very high expectations of authenticity.

As with every eatery, opinions will vary, but in general I think Lulu B’s is worth a try one day at lunch when you have just a few bucks to spend (did I mention their prices are great?). If you don’t like them it won’t have cost you an arm and a leg, and if you do, you’ll have a new source for fresh food that’s fun to eat.

Lulu B's Sandwiches on Urbanspoon

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Remember their small(ish) hours of operation. The biggest dig on this trailer is its hours. It’s a small operation and they are only open those few days a week and largely during the day. Be sure to double-check their schedule before you wander by. I forever want summer rolls on a Monday and am typically out of luck.
  • Be prepared to wait. As trailers go this one is a small one and can really only hold 3 people inside to prep the food. Because all of the food is made fresh to order, you may need to wait for yours, particularly if you go at the height of the lunch rush. I’ve found going before 11:30 and after 1:30 results in the shortest wait.
  • They don’t always answer their phone. You can absolutely call ahead to place an order so it will be ready for you when you get there, or at least ready faster than if you ordered it at the window. However, sometimes during the lunch rush they abandon the phones all together.
  • They only take cash. Leave your credit cards and checkbooks at home (as with many other trailers). Given their nice prices, even if you only have $5, you can still get a great meal there, so dig through your cup holder and between your seats for extra change.


  1. I love this place. It might not be authentic but I don’t think they try to be. Their Myspace page says (or used to say): “Looking Caucasian, but Keeping it Asian.” I love my food served with a side of humor! You are right on the hours and the wait but I definitely think it’s worth it and hope Lulu B’s stays around for a long, long time. Ah, those spring rolls!

  2. What a great review and roundup! I do need to head back there – I think if it was in my neighborhood, I’d like it more. As it is, we have better banh mi up here – though I did enjoy those avocado summer rolls.

  3. I LOVE Lulu B’s! Go fresh and yummy!


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