Food Trailer Friday: Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog trailer

Sometimes I think when we talk about the food trailer phenomenon that’s taken hold in cities like Austin and Los Angeles, we forget that the idea of serving food out of a (mostly) mobile space isn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, hot dog vendors have been perfecting the art of mobile food for years of not decades. It’s only fitting then, that one of the most fun food trailers I’ve come across in the Austin area is Man Bites Dog, an updated take on the traditional hot dog stand. The folks at Man Bites Dog do serve traditional hot dogs, but they also serve incredible sausages made with local ingredients or by local suppliers like Central Market. They eschew traditional hot dog buns in favor of brioche buns that are ultra-light and just the right touch of sweetness.

When I visited them I enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Dog: a lamb sausage topped with cucumbers and feta, a Greek-style take on ye ol’ wiener on a bun. The sausage was perfectly grilled and while the cucumber and feta were unexpected, they nicely balanced the bulk of the sausage for a well-rounded dish. Besides daily features that take advantage of currently available ingredients, their standard menu includes fare like:

  • Bird Dog – chicken sausage with sweet corn relish and pesto mayo
  • Buffalo Hottie – beef frank with blue cheese crumbles, buffalo wing sauce, and green onions
  • Frito Weenie Pie – classic Frito chili pie topped with a slice beef frank

Man Bites Dog Big Fat Greek Dog

Located in the Trailer Park Eatery alongside Torchy’s Tacos and Holy Cacao, they offer a nice alternative when you’re just not up for a taco. Or, you could be really eclectic and enjoy both a hot dog and a taco, then finish off with a cake ball for dessert. Imagine the mix-and-match possibilities.

Man Bites Dog even hava a catering arm that will bring the dogs to you.

Word on the Street

A few folks have written about Man Bites Dog, and there’s even a nice video out there that gives you a glimpse into the innerworkings of the trailer.

  • Yelp reviews of Man Bites Dog are favorable and tend to trend in the four to five star range.
  • VndrTV put together a fun video all about this trailer that includes an interview with the owner and a behind the scenes look at the trailer kitchen.
  • Austin 360 calls Man Bites Dog a “trailer treasure”.
  • Girl Eats World chronicles two separate trips to the trailer for a nice overview the menu.

You can become a fan of Man Bites Dog on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you’re a Foodspotting fan, you can see the treats spotted thus far and share your spots once you’ve given the food a try.

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Know Before You Go

Like the other trailers in the Trailer Park Eatery, Man Bites Dog has fairly standard hours and they don’t mov around. Their standard hours are Sunday – Thursday 11 am – 9 pm and Friday – Saturday 11 am – 10 pm. As with every other trailer, I’d recommend taking a quick look at their blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page before you go just to be sure they are open.


  1. Mm, I want to try the Buffalo Hottie. As always, great post!
    Also, thank you so much for the link! I’m a big fan of yours so I’m quite honored.
    – Linda

  2. I have been so meaning to try this place! That Big Fat Greek dog sounds so interesting…like a gyro in sausage form.