Discovering Texas Wines

I like to drink wine, and I really like a great food and wine pairings. Even so, I only know enough about wine to be dangerous. While I’m always learning new and interesting things about wine, I’ve found that good resources created by people who are smart about wine are my best bet when I’m trying to find the right match for my food or mood. In the next month or so, I’m going to add a new section to my blog that highlights some of the best wine resources I’ve found.

As a preview of the kind of resources I’ll include, and because I think it’s important for my native Texas food blog to support native Texas wines, take a look at these first two videos in a series the GO TEXAN folks are producing to help demystify Texas wines. There will be five in total, and I’ll link to them all once they are available. For now, enjoy these two. The first features Susan Alder from Fall Creek Vineyards. I’ve had the great pleasure of taking tasting classes with her and she is amazing. The second discusses Viognier, one of my favorite varietals.



What’s your favorite wine resource?

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  1. If you get the chance, try mustang grape wine. My grandmother makes it every year from wild grapes and gives it to all her neighbors. I make jelly and juice with mustang grapes every year. It is so delicious!