Austin Food & Wine Event Spotlight: Austin Hope Wine Dinner

When I wrote about the Sugar Land Grand Wine and Food Affair earlier in the week, I mentioned that I’m an Austin Hope fan girl. Seeing that this is my second post about him in a week (only my grandmother has been mentioned more on the blog I think), his staff are probably carrying a picture of me around so they can spirit him away when I show up at his various events. But hey, it’s not my fault he’s participating in two great events within a week of one another in our neck of the woods. A girl has a responsibility to write about important wine events doesn’t she? Well doesn’t she?

Anyway, my obsession with this particular Paso Robles wine maker aside, I was very excited when I found out that Austin Hope was teaming up with local favorite Jack Allen’s Kitchen for a five course wine dinner on Tuesday, May 3 at 7:00 pm. The menu includes Texas-inspired favorites like spicy shrimp and strawberry salad, seared scallop and pork belly (yes please!), chile-crusted quail, Wygu beef shortribs, and an acho chile chocolate bomb. What I love about this menu is that is creates the opportunity for guests to experience a wide-range of Austin Hope’s wines including Candor Rose, Treana White, Austin Hope Grenache, Treana Red, and Austin Hope Syrah.

This dinner will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know a wine maker and his wines in a way you can’t typically by tasting a single bottle or two from a portfolio. You’ll also get to meet the winemaker and get a glimpse into his passion for wine. Austin Hope has been a good friend of the Austin food and wine scene (I can’t help but think his first name isn’t a coincidence), and his wines pair beautifully with our favorite styles of foods, so this is a winemaker you want to know. Take a few hours out of your Tuesday evening to join Jack in welcoming Austin as you enjoy the culinary magic they make together.

E-mail or call 512.745.4713 to reserve.

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