In Search of Fall: Pumpkin Brown Butter Madeleines with Walnuts

Pumpkin Brown Butter Madeleines with Walnuts - Austin Food Lovers' Companion

One of the hardest things about living in Texas is the anticipation of fall. When September rolls around the kids head back to school, football season is in full swing, and the stores are full of Halloween (and sadly Christmas) goodies. Unfortunately, the weather never seems to get the fall memo in September so we’re faced with 95+ temperatures into October. Summer releases its grip on our state very reluctantly.

So, in an attempt to personally will fall to show itself sooner rather than later by performing fallish activities with zeal,, I dove headlong into baking with pumpkin madeleines.

The fact that the air conditioner was on full blast and I was wearing shorts is neither here nor there.

I think I like madeleines – those lovely French cakes – because my favorite part of a cake or cupcake is the actual cake. Madeleines don’t bother with icing or decorations, they pack all of their punch in one sweet little cake that has the bonus of being pretty thanks entirely to the madeleine mold. You just make the batter, bake them, and poof, as if by magic, you have a beautiful dessert.

On my quest to marry pumpkin with madeleine I looked at a variety of sources including my favorite How To Cook Everything app, the wisdom of Dorie Greenspan, and of course the blogosphere. My final approach, was inspired by Pumpkin Pecan Madeleines from the Pastry Studio and Pumpkin Pecan Madeleines from Supper in Stereo.

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