Grilled Artichokes: An Easy Artichoke Recipe to For a Crowd

Grilled artichokes recipe

You just don’t see artichokes at parties and I think that’s a shame. True, they are a little prickly and require some attention to be made properly presentable, but given how tasty they are, I think it’s worth the work. And if you take the time to grill them for a final dressing up, man oh man, how pretty they can look. With summer grilling and entertaining season in full swing, I offer up this crowd-friendly, make ahead grilled artichoke recipe for your consideration. You can steam and marinade these artichokes the morning of a party or dinner and then finish them in just a few minutes on a hot grill. They take about as long to warm through as you’ll want to rest a nice piece of grilled meat, so they’ll fit right into your prep schedule. Because artichokes are hearty you can also transport them right in their marinade bag to a park or grilling potluck and finish them once you are there.

So instead of planning the same ol’ grilled vegetables or corn as a side for your next grilling party, may I suggest giving grilled artichokes a whirl. Your guests will be so impressed and you’ll be amazed at how much easier they are to prepare than you ever imagined.



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