Live Fire Was On Fire!

The second annual Live Fire celebration of all things cow was a great success this year, which is really no surprise given the caliber of the chefs involved and the collective expertise of the Austin Food and Wine Alliance board. As the sun set on the Salt Lick Pavilion the flames roared and the parade of cow dishes began. I managed to capture a few fun images before I gave myself totally over to gluttony.

Chef John Bullington of the Alamo Drafthouse cooked an entire cow over open flame. What else is there to say?


Visiting from San Antonio, Chef Jason Dady paired big flavors in his charred brisket with blue cheese spoonbread, caramelized onion purée, house made pickles, and Guinness gastrique.


Chef Josh Watkins of The Carillon deep fried beef cheeks (Fried beef? Yes please!) and added crunchy Brussels sprouts on the side so we could all remember what a vegetable looks like.


While the smoked tri tip was the star of this dish from Chef Jonathan Gelman of The Driskill made a corn relish with popcorn he popped right over the wood stove. Oh my!


The butchery team from Whole Foods Market got in on the game with barbacoa with marrow butter.


And of course we couldn’t have a beef party without Franklin BBQ. They mixed their famous sausage and their famous brisket together. Swoon!


If you missed Live Fire keep your eyes out for Wine and Swine pig roast in November when the alliance puts porky in the spotlight.

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