Austin Food and Wine Festival Preview: 3 Wine Demos to Make Entertaining Easier

In my last post I took a look at three of the demos on the inaugural Austin Food and Wine Festival schedule that appealed to the entertaining cook in me. With the food out of the way it’s time to turn to the beverages, specifically wine. Maybe it’s because I’ve been cooking for longer than I’ve been drinking, but no matter how much I educate myself on wine I feel like I’m always just understanding the tip of the iceberg. So I’m very much looking forward to the wine-specific demos that will be featured during the festival.

Temperature Tatrums
– I’ll admit I’ve never been 100% clear on the just right temperature for different wines nor how to practically keep them there for parties of all sorts. In this somewhat nuts and bolts demo that’s all about temperature I’m hoping Anthony Giglio will demystify all things related to the best temperatures at which to serve various wine varietals and the practical ways to get them to those temperatures and keep them there.

Pink Without Blushing: The Allure of Rose – Pink wines are completely underappreciated. They are great for summer sipping and quite frankly do just wonderfully the rest of the year as well. They just have a bad rap because they are, well, pink. I’m looking forward to finding out which pinks Mark Oldman likes this season and adding a few more options to my summer wine cabinet.

Sparkling Substitutes – Years ago when I learned that Champagne was just a place and a method, and that sparkling wine can be great even when not officially “Champagne” my eyes were opened to an entirely new part of the wine world (one that I could afford). Truth is I drink at least as much bubbly as I do any other wine and I wouldn’t dream of throwing a party without it. I’m looking forward to discovering new cost-effective and therefor party-friendly sparklers during yet another Mark Oldman demo. Who knows what fun find will grace my holiday wine bar this year.

26 More Demos, 2 Tastings, and More To Come

In the last couple of posts I’ve only covered 6 of the 35 demos anyone attending the festival can choose from. With just a few days left until the event kicks off there’s much planning left to be done. And of course much eating and drinking. If you’re planning to be at the festival please let me know in the comments, I’d love to connect. And if you’re going to participate virtually by following social media, keep an eye on the blog as well as my Twitter stream and the Austin Food Lover’s Companion Facebook page for photos, tips, tricks, and other shenanigans.


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