Farmers Market Inspirations: Spicy Corn and Tomato Salad

Shopping at the farmers market in the middle of summer is hard. Really hard.

It’s not that iI have too much summer fun planned. Or that it’s hot. Well okay, it is hot, but that’s not related to the difficulties I’m facing at the market each week. No, the source of the problem is simply this: there are too many choices!

Every week each farmer’s stand is overflowing with summer favorites like corn and tomatoes (the very inspiration for this post in fact) as well as variety upon variety of squash, melons, peaches, figs, and more. If I bought everything I wanted each week we’d have to eat five meals a day.

I realize of course this is a quality problem. It’s in fact right at the root (hah!) of the reason we shop at farmers markets: to take advantage of seasonal finds and learn to cook with what our seasons and talented farmers gift us with. This lovely summer salad combines summer flavors in their raw glory so you can enjoy, if not revel, in them. Jalapeno adds a little kick and lime some tartness to balance out the sweetness of the corn and tomato.

Sure, you could make this corn and tomato salad year round, but I promise you the one made in the heart of summer from farm fresh produce picked at the height of ripeness will wildly outshine the one you might make in December with under-ripe produce shipped from half-way across the world. So go on out to your local market, or look for seasonal vegetables grown in your region at your local grocery store, and toss them together in this no-cook salad that just screams “Summer!”



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