Ideas for a Menu for Brunch: Easy Make-Ahead Lavender-Vanilla Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

Make-ahead panna cotta is perfect on a menu for brunch.

Easy. Beautiful. Fast. Make-ahead. Light. Tasty.What more could you possibly want in a spring entertaining dish?

Seriously. If I’m missing something let me know in the comments and I’ll be on the case to find a dish that fits.

In the mean time, I offer up for your consideration this lovely panna cotta made from healthy non-fat Greek yogurt. It has a light, lovely, creamy texture that doesn’t require any whipping of egg whites, whisking of egg yolks over a pan of simmering water until just so, or the other cheffy techniques that often accompany light and creamy desserts. A bit of unflavored gelatin and a creamy yogurt base are the keys here, so even the youngest kitchen helpers can get in on the act of making this simple dish. And because every step in this recipe before “plate and garnish” happens the night before you want to serve it, there’s absolutely no crazy pressure the morning of the brunch (with this dish anyway).

It’s the perfect addition to a menu for brunch,  providing an ever so slightly sweet partner for savory egg dishes, sausage and bacon, or even smoked salmon. I’d recommend a pomegranate mimosa as a drink pairing, but coffee or a simple glass of juice will do in a pinch.

And you know, Mother’s Day is coming up quickly. What mom wouldn’t love a creamy yet not-really-bad-for-you dish garnished with sprinkles of granola and some fresh berries. Not this mom. Not that that’s a hint or anything.

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