Warm Weather Parties Made Easy with Lamb Bulgogi Kebabs

Lamb Bulgogi Kebabs

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It’s Spring which means it’s lamb season here on the blog. Okay, I suppose if I’m being honest any season is lamb season here at Fete & Feast, but somehow Spring just feel more lamby. (Is lamby a word? My spell check doesn’t think so but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and use it anyway.)

But I digress.

As much as I love roasting lamb during the winter, I enjoy grilling it quickly in summer because it’s just a bit unexpected. Sure, we all love a cow or pig on the grill, but not everyone thinks of lamb for a fire-roasted dinner which is a shame really. Lamb takes on bold flavors just beautifully and goes with light-bodied wines like Pinot Noir, making it just right for a warm weather dinner party.

And just as I think lamb is sometime overlooked during the warmer seasons, I think skewers are greatly under appreciated as a great way to cook and serve food. I mean who doesn’t love food on a stick? And even thought it may make you think of a state fair or even mysterious desert riders in far away lands, it’s also a fun way to surprise your guests with a presentation that screams casual. Skewers are a breeze to prepare ahead of time and they cook quickly, so you don’t have to fuss much with them after your guests arrive. Just toss them on the grill, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, turn the skewers, take a drink or two, move the skewers to a serving plate, take another drink, and you’re ready for dinner.

Seriously – try skewers at your next party and you’ll be a believer.

This recipe for lamb kebabs is an adaptation of a recipe I came across in Bon Appetit last summer that I’d really wanted to try but was just a little bit more involved than I had time for. I loved the flavor combination and the idea of serving the lamb in lettuce wraps with vegetables, so I simplified the approach to skewer the meat and veggies for quick cooking. It’s just right for easy entertaining.

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