Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of February 21, 2011 (Post-1/2 Marathon Edition)

Menu Plan Monday grilling versionI did it! I ran my first (and absolutely not my last) half marathon. And it was hard, much harder than I expected. It was unseasonable warm today and the route was tough. There were many hills and even though I’m used to training on hills, they are a whole different challenge on race day. Still, I finished and I’m thrilled with my accomplishment. If I can do this, I can do anything.

This week’s plan is (as I expected last week), a simplified version because I have a whole host of things to do today that still need doing. Life doesn’t stop for a half marathon. There’s not much of a theme to this week’s menus other than light and healthy menus at home. Now that the Austin weather is back to 70 degree highs, it’s time to start grilling. It’s a great way to cook without added fat and is a great option for lean proteins like pork tenderloin. In our continued quest to eat better as a family, I’m going try to participate more regularly in Meatless Monday (at least for the adults) because it’s better for our bodies and for the environment. I’m also going to be sure to add at least one fish dish to our menus because we need more of it in our diets.

Do you have any great meatless main dishes or fish recipes? I’m on the hunt for both, so please share them in the comments.

The Plan

I’ll be relying on my freezer stash of muffins (which is almost gone – time to bake more) for breakfasts this week along with smoothies. Leftovers and a couple of Groupons that are about to expire will make lunch easy. I’m looking forward to several evenings eat al fresco this week on the porch and enjoying our beautiful weather.

  • Monday: Grilled Polenta with butternut squash, goat cheese, spinach, and walnuts (recipe under development)
    I tried a version of this last Monday and want to tweak it a bit more before posting, so I’ll have it again this week.
  • Tuesday: Grilled pork tenderloin, sautéed broccoli, and grilled squash
    My local Central Market stocks a wonderful collection of pre-seasoned pork tenderloins so I can toss one on the grill without any preparation. Leftovers will be great for sandwiches and salads later in the week.
  • Wednesday: Mom’s night out, dad and kidlet on their own
    I have not one but two food blogger events on Wednesday so I’ll leave the family to their own devices for dinner. I’d guess they’ll have BBQ, but who knows, they might surprise me.
  • Thursday: Chicken Adobo, lime-cilantro scented rice, and tomato and cucumber salad
    I continue to use my crock pot to make dinner easier, particularly as I get later into the week and more tired. This recipe looks very flavorful and I’ll double it to put some in the freezer for a future taco dinner.
  • Friday: Grilled steak, steamed artichokes, and salad
    Now that its grilling season steak is on sale weekly at local grocery stores. I’ll watch the ads and pick a nice cut to grill and start the weekend off right.
  • Saturday: Destination Imagination Celebration
    Alanna participates in a great creative problems solving program called Destination Imagination. I’m also a volunteer. The regional tournament is on Saturday and it’s an all day affair. We’ll enjoy dinner on the way home to celebrate her team’s hard work.
  • Sunday: Sea bass with grapefruit and fennel, grilled spring onions and asparagus, saffron-roasted carrots (menu under development)
    Last week I was invited to attend a Texas Citrus dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants and I was inspired by the dishes to create a menu of my own featuring citrus. My hope is it will be blog-post worthy.

Get a whole host of other great menu planning ideas over on the Org Junkie site.

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