The Food Bloggers’ Guide to Austin

2011 Update

Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide LogoThe 2011 update to this guide is live! We’ve posted it over on our new Austin Food Blogger Alliance page. Please visit it there for the latest and greatest information from Austin’s food blogging community.

2010 in Retrospect

One of my favorite things about being a food blogger in Austin is that I’m in such great company. Austin has an amazing array of talented food bloggers who focus on the whole spectrum of local food and wine, from eating sustainably to finding the best drinks to inexpensive eats and more. As a group, we spend what might be considered an inordinate amount of time exploring the local food scene. If there’s a good, interesting, or fun food experience to be had in Austin, we make it our business to learn about it. We’re also very proud of what Austin has to offer for all food lovers, and we like to do all we can to support our local restaurants, bars, and purveyors.

To that end, several local bloggers have worked together to produce a series of posts designed to provide a comprehensive guide to food and wine in Austin. Whether you are an Austinite on the hunt for new experiences or a visitor looking for guidance as you plan your time with us, we’re excited to help you navigate the best that Austin has to offer and expand your food horizons.

Food lovers one and all, I present to you the Food Bloggers’ Guide to Austin.

Food, Pure and Simple

Unique Austin Experiences

Beer, Wine, and Cocktails

A map of the Austin Food Bloggers' Gowalla Trip

More Resources

  • For those who are Gowalla inclined, we created a special trip with our top 20 must-visit spots. It’s a quick and easy way to find good dining options right from your phone.
  • Every blogger who contributed to this guide is on Twitter, and as a group our tweets offer great insight into what’s hot in food and wine in Austin at any given moment. I’ve created a Twitter list to make it easy to follow all of us at one time.
  • Each post in this guide is the creation of a local food blogger and is only a sampling of the kind of information you’ll find on that blogger’s site. After you’ve read their post, spend a few minutes exploring their blog for more interesting and tantalizing information.
  • This guide is a living and evolving entity, so we’ll be adding posts to it. Is there a topic you’d like to see added to the guide? E-mail me at Natanya {at} gmail {dot} com and I’ll look for a volunteer in the group to write about it.


  1. How great! I’m new to Austin and a new food blogger. I worked in food marketing for several years (cookbooks, recipe development, food photography) and fell in love, so I decided it was time to start another blog.

    Love getting to know all the local bloggers!

  2. Wow! Stumbled on this on twitter, So glad I did. I started a blog 9 months ago. I am currently a sponge for all things Austin and all things Foodie related. Can’t wait to look at these blogs! Thanks

  3. Amber /

    Thank you for doing this… I was just introduced to some great new blogs that I am sure I will lean on regularly!

  4. Hi! So many great resources… here is one more if you are looking for healthy, sustainable and local:

    Online map:
    PDF version:

    I hope you enjoy eating in Austin!

  5. Aha! Thank you! This looks to be a great resource. I am a Pittsburgh food blogger, here for the interactive conference and am doing an experiment: where can I get the best local austin food recommendations: on google or twitter. Found a link to this on twitter. Looks to be exactly was a I was hunting around for.

  6. great post as usual!

  7. I am a culinary arts student at Le Cordon Bleu and my blog is located at if anyone is interested in reading it.

  8. Thank you for this awesome compilation. Nice to see so many food bloggers..


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