Spicy, Simple Scallops

Spicy Scallops

Tonight I made a recipe from the Passionate Cook blog that I’ve wanted to try for a couple of weeks now – Grilled Scallops with Thyme Butter, Red Chili, and Parmesan. I’m a big fan of scallops and wanted a different kind of “turf” to go with our surf and turf dinner. I enjoyed this recipe for three reasons:

  1. It was so very easy to make: Mix chili and thyme with butter, put it on top of the scallops, and bake them in the oven for a little than 10 minutes depending on size. You can make these more or less spicy by adjusting the amount of chili you put in. (Really, it is that easy.)
  2. The presentation is beautiful and once again simple: Pile some baby arugula on a plate, place the scallops on top, and you’re done.
  3. The recipe is healthy and easily made low-calorie: I reduced the butter to 2 Tbps. of butter for 1 lb of scallops (down from the 3.5 or so the recipe calls for) and the taste was still fantastic. In Weight Watchers land this recipe is 5 points with each serving including 5.5 oz. of scallops (2-4 depending on size) plus one cup of arugula.

In the Passionate Cook’s blog these were served as an appetizer, in which case you’d most likely only serve one unless the scallops are very small. They would also make a lovely addition to a small plates menu. And, as my dinner tonight showed, you can have them as a main course as well with additional veggies or light pasta for a healthy and flavor-packed meal.

I’m adding these to my easy entertaining repertoire because you buy the scallops cleaned and ready to go (be sure the butcher removes the little foot from the bottom) and you can pre-make the flavored butter. 10 minutes before you are ready to eat, top the scallops with butter and toss into the oven. Scallops count as an impressive dinner party food so your guests will be amazed and it’s up to you if you want to tell them how easy this dish was to prepare.

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  1. i am so glad you liked the recipe… it’s just what you need when you’re entertaining, something that makes for great presentation and can be easily prepared… and don’t tell them how easy it was… let them think you’ve been slaving in the kitchen for them for hours… that’s the whole point of clever entertaining, right?